Cherry PECKed

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Loving the colorblocking trend? Well, to simplify things, I’ve PECKed out some options for you. Let’s start with my favorites… shoes! Naturally, I’m lusting (yes, one can lust after shoes) for the most fabulous pair of Giuseppe Zanottis  – honestly, if there were ever a shoe with my name on it this is the one. It’s a happy, fun, bright shoe with a mega shot of style and a dose of sass – I mean look at it! Ok, moving on. Truth be told, you don’t have to head straight for the sky high Zanotti’s! Honestly, it’s much easier to get in on this trend while not breaking the bank, or your ankle so hang in there with me.

While conducting “research” (shoe research is seriously business and, P.S. I don’t mess around!) I found that this trend seems to lean towards the brights but if brights are not for you, not to fear you’ve got plenty of options in both price and heel height. Let’s start from the high to the low in both price and heel height…

High – The Zanotti’s and Boutique 9 – if you like this look but you don’t want to break the bank with the Zanotti @ $1150 this Boutique 9 “Nickeya” shoe comes in at $150. Look! You’re saving money already! Isn’t shoe shopping fun?

Mid Heel – Rebecca Minkoff “Nella” @ $295and Sam Edleman “Yelena” @ $140– the Rebecca Minkoff shoe is a beautiful sandal in suede with a trio of colors – not to bright – lots of style. The Sam Edleman shoe is a tad higher but still very wearable. It’s made in leather and a more neutral take with only one color but you still get the colorblocking effect – both great summer options.

Flats (are you cheering now?) tons of options here! We’ll start with Sam Edleman “Gigi” sandal @ $65 – a darling flat in a trio of bright colors – really fun shoe you could pair back with jeans or khakis. Second this Boutique 9 “Piraya” sandal @ $79 just as cute, bright and a true summer flat packed with style!

While I’ve only touched on two styles for each height and am sure I could find a wider price range to accommodate all budgets I hope you get where I’m going here. Remember, you can easily be on trend yet not “trendy” Ummmmm… P.S. Happy Shopping!

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