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Welcome to Ginger’s corner! I am Ginger’s person and couldn’t possibly be more in love with my little furry friend… that being said, we’ve found many a groomer, boarder, doggie day care, toys, beds, travel bags and yes, dog sweaters! Here’s a little bit of what Ginger loves…

Since we live in Los Angeles, that’s what we’ve insPECKted

Daycare, Grooming and Boarding.. OH MY! If Ginger isn’t fortunate to spend my time away with a dear friend, the next best place is the K9 Loft

K9 Loft, which offers three locations within the Los Angeles area, can meet all your dog’s needs. Gingers favorite… Daycare – yes, that’s right – I take my dog to doggie daycare at least once a week. I mean seriously, she’s been so depressed since Oprah went off the air I needed to give her something to look forward to and furry friends to socialize with. K9 Loft offers a Dog Drama 101 class on perfecting the … “I’m so sad only a cookie will cheer me up” look (KIDDING!). Anyway, K9 loft is a clean facility with excellent supervision for the dogs at all times. The big dogs are separated from the little dogs but from time to time there’s either a bigger dog mixed in with the small of visa versa. If you want to check in while you’re at work (not recommend as you’ll spend 30 minutes watching your dog and then make your co-workers watch your dog which may make you seem a little ,well, crazy). Additionally, they offer full service grooming and boarding options. A bonus to boarding your dog at K9 Loft is the dogs get to play all day and in the evening retire to their private space to eat and sleep. A special bonus for new clients, your first time at daycare is free – just make sure to bring your current vet paperwork so they know your dog is up to date on their shots.

Another place we like for food, products and grooming is Healthy Spot which has two locations in Los Angeles.

Ginger’s insPECKted travel bag: LOVE this bag. The Sleepypod pet carrier. Now I like it as its plain and works on a plane. Check it out:

For dog sweaters I love the store George in San Francisco – great selection of simple sweaters and coats for dogs that make sense (meaning not frou frou or looks like it belongs on a baby dressed for Halloween) Check them out online as well:

For small dogs this site is cute:

For all dogs: or even

So these are just a few of Ginger’s loves and while I know there are many more options for everything your furry friend needs (or doesn’t but, hey, it’s cute!) we hope you check out what we’ve shared!

Cheers and Bow Wow!

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